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Debt solutions

Credit Repair Australia has a range of debt solutions that can help you get out of debt and take back control.

The best solution depends on your individual situation. During a free consulation with one of our consultants we will review your current financial situation and identify which option(s) may be suitable for you. Our debt solutions include:

Formal debt solutions

  • Debt Agreement Debt Agreements allow you to make regular, affordable payments to get out of debt (even if those payments add up to less than what you owe). Read more
  • Personal Insolvency Agreement Similar to a Debt Agreement, a Personal Insolvency Agreement also allows you to make regular, affordable repayments, however it is usually reserved for people who have over $100k worth of debt. Read more
  • Bankruptcy Sometimes seen as a last resort if any of the above options aren’t available, Bankruptcy may allow you to get out of debt without making any payments to your creditors. However, you will have to hand over control of your financial affairs to a Trustee for a period of time. Read more

Informal debt solutions

  • Debt Consolidation A way of combining all of your loans into one, Debt Consolidation may reduce your regular repayments and your interest, making the payments easier to manage.  Read more
  • Debt Settlement A way to settle your debts for less than the full amount. Our Debt Settlement option could allow you to wipe out your debts with one payment. Read more
  • Creditor Negotiation Lowering interest rates, reducing repayments or negotiating a payment plan where a creditor is demanding you pay in full are all possible outcomes with our Creditor Negotiation option. Read more
  • Moratorium Giving you a pause on payments for up to 12 months, a Moratorium gives you time to get back on your feet. Read more
  • Mortgage Refinance If you have equity in your property, a Mortgage Refinance may allow you to pay out your debts by borrowing against that property, making your repayments more manageable. Read more

The above debt solutions may be suitable to get you back on track, but that is dependent on your individual financial situation. We offer a free consultation to identify if they may be appropriate. Give us a call or get in touch through our contact page.